Adult vampire chat forums

Crimson Moon is a free online vampire vs werewolf game that requires no downloads.

Vampire Games have been around awhile and Crimson Moon has been online, since 2005.

no sexual conversations thats what Hangouts is for) there is a page for the not link to other communities without mod/owner permission they will be taken downto all non werewolves (humans dont count in this)if you have suggestions on additional sections in the community feel free to talk to the owner/moderators(also "ww" stands for werewolf some of us use it and many ask what it means so here it is)diaq, I think you can answer your own question ;)No need, Edward. Enjoying that part of you, finding a way of being proud of who/what you are, finding the silver lining is what life is about, but if you're using your other side as an escape to feel "free", to me, that sends up yellow flags that suggest escapism, maybe mild delusion. oo, you know what, that might make a good discussion thread. I'm on the opposite side of the country, hun, and if I did, like I said, it's probably not safe for minors.

I host a few internet communities, I don't consider them packs though.

if you fail you're banned if you pass you'll be welcome and the longer your here the more we will trust you This community is for werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, witches etc. there will be an alpha section for alphas only (as in they have the alpha spirit) this is for alphas to ask for advice on leading or pack coordination (betas and omegas please try not to post in this unless necessary/ told by alpha) and the discussion section is for general chat.

also mates are welcome (but please dont get carried away if you no what i mean i.e.

Have you tried our mobile vampire vs werewolf add-on?

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