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But regardless of which side of the Atlantic we live on, we can all agree on one thing: we love to fuck.

A new study from Dr, found on Bro Bible, does a deep dive on various preferences of Europeans and Americans when we or, in layman’s terms, go to pound town.

But actually, it’s the American woman who tends to take sex more slowly, which is neither good nor bad (depending on the night, of course).” “My mates and I think that certain accents are . So, British wit can often be lost to being too dry for the American palette. For some British men, it takes some getting used to.

We do quite fancy some of the Southern ones, like the Southern Belle accent, which is a lot less trashy. It’s unfortunate, because I’m sure a lot of the women with those accents are quite intelligent.” “In America, a joke is something that has a punch line. Sometimes an American girl just looks at you funny, and there’s no laugh — just a look of bewilderment — where the “ha ha” moment should be. ” “In England, there’s no expectation until ‘girlfriend’ status has been declared.

In our new age of being “wired” wirelessly 24/7, there is a lot of debate – especially over the wireless Internet – about what new technologies are “doing” to us: making us lonely, or dumb, or frenetic, or surveilled, or empowered, or disempowered, and so on.

Most important, it seems, young people could use cars to get away from parental supervision and get into sexual explorations. The authors of , the classic study of American life in Muncie, Indiana, in the 1920s, noted residents’ worries that driving was undercutting traditional courtship, allowing couples to escape family supervision.The parenting effect “A lot of parents feel like they’ve already done about 50 things they didn’t want to do that day, like getting up at dawn, dealing with their child’s tantrums.Adding sex to the menu just seems like too much,” said Samantha Lutz, a psychologist.Listening to jazz and dancing the Charleston were only the public demonstrations of a new looseness that shocked the older generation.Demographic records and oral histories suggest that the proportion of American women who had premarital sex rose noticeably in the first two or three decades of the twentieth century. Over there, they have several weeks of vacation every year and great socialized healthcare.


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