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"Three years ago, Amy conquered her drug dependency," her father said at her July 26th funeral in London, which was attended by friends including Kelly Osbourne and producer Mark Ronson."The doctors said it was impossible, but she really did it.Amy Winehouse's ' Rehab' Gets Smooth R&B Cover by Mark Johns & Tennyson"Some Unholy War" is a ballad that powerfully and emotionally captures Winehouse's willingness to stand by her man through thick and thin, giving him strength and promising that they will pull through together.While Nas hasn’t quite built a Twitter profile like social networking savants Kanye West, Fabolous or Drake, the Queens rap legend opened himself up to questions via the platform Wednesday, addressing his relationship with Foxy Brown, the recent death of Amy Winehouse and his history of beef with former rivals Jay-Z and Cormega. ” the typically private MC tweeted on Wednesday (August 3), with the hash tag #Ask Nas, which he has used in the past, inviting a barrage of questions about his personal life.

The marriage was a surprise; during our first meeting Winehouse had been inconsolable after a vicious fight with Fielder-Civil. I'll always stick up for someone." This is the Winehouse her friends and family knew: a sweet, maternal nature paired with a bottomless appetite for self-destruction., is a take on dealing with the frustration of dating somebody who may be older in age, but acts immature and needs to be taken care of.The track won the prestigious Ivor Novello songwriting award for Best Contemporary Song Musically and Lyrically.While her life and career were both cut too short, the music that she left behind will live for decades to come.In remembrance of Amy, here's a look at seven of her most iconic lyrics.Following Kelis’ 2007 arrest in MIami after an altercation with undercover police officers, Nas supportively shrugged off media reports.


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