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"It will take a little care and attention from all sides, but the Ministry is confident that Hogwarts can be rebuilt." No one ever died from a little hard work," Umbridge ensures with a smile. Dumbledore was absent."With all due respect, Professor," Ron continued, a horrified expression on his face. She's a toad."There was the faintest twitch at the corner of Professor Mc Gonagall's lips, but that was all. The Minister is adamant for Hogwarts to receive the care and attention it needs to reinstate itself as a school of excellence," Ministry Representative Dolores Umbridge informs the Daily Prophet.Indeed, we have four children, two dogs, two cars, crockery, bedding, an entire life and all its accoutrements binding us inextricably together. For all the years we dated and I held on to him, tight, like a kite in high wind, I dreamed of a life just like the one I’m having now.But sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.Geneviève, 34, says: 'I tried the current elite sex parties but my partner and I both found they were easily dominated by men , often drunk and lecherous.It appeared women were there primarily to please their partners. Something more glamorous, and where women really were calling all the shots so I decided to try it with a small group of interested friends, and remove men from the equation entirely.'I have learned that most women are attracted to women, it doesn't mean that they are gay. Most of our members are married or have long-term partners, and Skirt Club is a place for them to have a wild night playing with other like-minded girls before going back to their grown-up lives.'The club celebrated its first birthday last month and from a small group of frisky friends the membership has grown to a community of several hundred well-heeled women who attend parties and events as well as chat through the club's website.Yes, he may be here - an excellent father to our children and a dutifully loving husband - but I will never know for sure if he’s here because of me.After stripping to her knickers, one guest takes her place on the dining table.

The Ministry, as usual, is only too happy to take advantage. A/N Sorry if you started reading this without the breaks! I've just gone through and added all the line breaks, since they never copy across in the doc no matter how I do them... "And our team of Anti-Prejudice Students will ensure that no student earns an unfair share of the work due to their parents' alleged role in the war." Hogwarts Headmistress, Minerva Mc Gonagall, denies claims that students are falling prey to bouts of bullying similar to the divisions of class experienced in the war.Count me in for the 31 Days of Porn Challenge, Sherlock style!I'm not the best when it comes to smut but I'd figure I'd give it a try.Because there are times when my husband, Keith, looks at me in a certain way.Every time I’m on the receiving end of it, my heart deflates.All characters & ships are on the table and each story is a one-shot.


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