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But when celebrities date the normal folk, things sometimes end up better.Getting Help Online Going Where the Celebrities Are Making Yourself Attractive to a Celebrity Going on a Date with a Celebrity Community Q&A Many people dream of dating a celebrity.He hid behind the bar in order to escape the paparazzi and that’s where Luciana found him.

It also works, because both parties know exactly what to expect in terms of paparazzi photos and tabloid rumors.

Over the weekend, Anne Hathaway got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Adam Shulman, dubbed a "normal." While many high-profile celebrities choose to date people with a similar career situation, there are plenty of folks in Hollywood that found love with partners who attempt to steer clear from the limelight.

In celebration of Anne's engagement, here are 15 celebs that have married or are currently dating everyday people.

"Snapchat I've deleted, Twitter — don't really do it," she said. Brunch for dinner is never a bad idea on the weekend!

"I'm even a little bit out of love with Instagram... 😋Also for everyone following and messaging me, I am thankful but please be kind with your words.


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