Cloud dating yuffie

After two years, Cloud finally works up the nerve to ask Yuffie out on a date.

But as they start to explore a relationship that they had both been longing for, a string of calamities conspires to keep them apart.

When you reach the Gold Saucer Date sequence, which is unavoidable and comes at a specific time, whoever has the highest Affection value will be the one Cloud goes on a Date with.

If, however, there is a tie for the highest, then the priorities are: (so if Tifa and Yuffie tied for the highest value, and both had 45, Barret and Aeris having values lower than 45, then Tifa would be the one that Cloud would go on a date with.) Game Shark Codes: For the USA Playstation (not PC) version of FF7:- Make the last two characters/gameshark-variables any two-digit number you want.

Buy the flower, unless you want to date Aeris or Yuffie.

Talk to Jessie twice on the train home from the first mission: "Thanks anyway" -- "Looking forward to it" (-3 Tifa) When you enter Seventh Heaven, and you have a flower: "Give it to Tifa" ( 5 Tifa) "Give it to Marlene" ( 5 Barret) If you talk to Tifa while she's behind the bar: "I don't feel like it" -- "Give me something hard" ( 5 Tifa) When Tifa accuses you of leaving your childhood friend: "How can you say that! Sorry" -- When Tifa asks how you slept: "Next to you, who wouldn't?

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All Yuffie wants for Christmas is for her love to come back to her for Christmas.(One-Shot Cloffie) Yuffie P. What will Yuffie do when asked if anyone objects to the wedding? A year after defeating Sephiroth, Cloud goes to see how things are in Wutai and gets reacquainted with a certain materia stealing ninja. This would be the value for their affection levels.If you entered "3009D28B 0099", then Aeris's affection value would be at 99. Changing the Date's Math Mechanics Values: Midgar ------ Talking to Aeris the first time, no matter what you say (believe it or not), has no effect.Bad weather, monster outbreaks and arrest warrants are only the beginning of their troubles. Some days, it seems like the whole world is standing between you and love. The holidays have been a painful time for Yuffie Kisaragi since the death of her mother. This fics takes place in a twisted FFVII universe, since this isn't what really happened on Yuffie's date. But then Yuffie looked more closely and saw tears falling from Tifa's eyes. "He said that he loves me at a friend, but nothing more." "I'm sorry, Tifa," Barret said gruffly, doing his best to comfort his friend.


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