Consolidating towns

Virginia's local governments vary widely in population, and that affects the quality/amount of services that can be provided at the local level Source: Bureau of Census, Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2013 Since 1900, consolidations have occurred twice in Virginia between two independent cities: Richmond-Manchester in 1910 and Suffolk-Nansemond in 1974.Town-town mergers include Basic City merging into Waynesboro (1923), North Tazewell merging into Tazewell (1963), and Cambria merging into Christiansburg (1964).County zoning officer with a unified ordinance to enforce Dissolution of Seneca Falls, Waterloo and Interlaken police depts. Dissolution of villages Dissolution of towns Steuben Road repair Bridge construction Mobile work program Joint purchasing County auction/sale of surplus items Joint radio system and broadband communications and consolidation efforts Shared public works equipment and personnel Shared GIS mapping Cooperative purchase for public works materials Shared dog control Sewer management and operation Shared assessor Sullivan Shared parks administration Consolidated dispatch IT support services Electronic management services Sharing recycling services, marine equiptment, street sweepers, road resurfacing crews, anti-graffiti trucks, municipal gas pumps, truck cleaning facilities, and senior and youth health care Tioga Accounts Payable – Centralized/Connected Fueling Station/Standby Power Dog Licensing (Software) – Single Entity Police Services – village to town/town to county Clerk Services – village to town/town to county Court Services – village to town/town to county Mitigate Impacts on Services Product Purchases Training – Centralized Health Insurance DPW Shared Equipment (including Soil & Water) Snow plowing – Duplicate road miles Rental of State Equipment to save money Towns/County roads and bridges – Identify duplication or efficiency IT Services – Centralized/Shared Tax Bills (Software) Assessments Code Enforcement Paving – Big Equipment Tompkins A Council of Government Training Academy to provide high-quality training to all local governments in the county.Creation and maintenance of a Service Modernization Plan, which would automate several routine paper-intensive tasks.But by the early 1990s, the mining and logging had stopped, the population had shrunk to just under 3,000 and the future was bleak.So in 2000, they did something practically unprecedented: They reconstituted themselves as the new consolidated city of Iron River.Others are not so sure it was worth the effort and expense.Virtually all of New Jersey’s 565 municipalities are struggling to pay for increasingly expensive services while operating under the 2 percent annual cap on property-tax increases the state legislature imposed in 2010.

New cities and towns have been created since then, but successful consolidations of towns, cities, and counties in Virginia are rare.City-county combinations include the City of Newport News expanding to include the entire county of Warwick in 1958, while the City of Virginia Beach absorbed Princess Anne County in 1963.Also in 1963, the City of South Norfolk merged with Norfolk County to create the new City of Chesapeake.Joint procurement and/or coordination of GIS/GPS services with the County Joint procurement of professional engineering services Joint procurement of building demolition services Shared or coordinated Property Tax Assessing Joint procurement of Health insurance or participation in the Health Insurance Cooperative Participation in a Workers Compensation Cooperative Joint procurement of animal control services Development/maintenance of a DPW equipment list across municipalities and standardizing calculation of DPW shared services savings Consolidating town justice courts Shared highway machinery purchases and software-based systems for towns to reserve equipment and avoid conflicting requests Shared procurement of natural gas and electric utilities Shared procurement of legal counsel Submitting in 2018 Consolidating fire departments Moving from a town assessor to a county assessor Sharing town justices Insurance Fleet management Combining water treatment systems (not possible in six week timeframe) Chautauqua 10 projects are being developed for the county's Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition (MCEC) grant application.Storm water management project Joint police and court facility Consolidation of the towns of Gerry, Charlotte, and village of Sinclairville into one municipal entity Merging fire departments Chemung Combining the Rouses Point village police with the sheriff's dept.But when cities consolidate with one another, the goal is usually to deliver the same services with smaller overhead over a larger geographic area.


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