Dating a cancer guy

I don't flirt and cant stand the idea of having to move on with someone else... It's something about his crabbiness that makes me worry... I loved him with my entire body more than I ever loved anything in my life, and he was crazy into me too. I have Virgo sun, Cancer ascendant whereas he has Cancer sun and Virgo ascendant.After awhile, and the years went by, things became more complicated in his life, and he wore it all over his face and all over clothes, and the more frustrated, aggravated, dirty he was, the more we pulled apart. He is a big flirt with other women, but not with me.I am in love with him but need to know that he will one day let go of his "need" to have all the friends (male/female).Will he ever stop being a flirt for the sake of our relationship and potential family? I dated a Cancer guy for almost two and a half years. He brought out my passionate sides, and made me feel like there was only us on the world.STEP 7: Take her on a trip to a cozy bed and breakfast, on the beach or in the mountains.Cancers love nature and will blossom in such an environment.If you come across a male who is reserved and shy, does not get into the business of others and likes to remain in his territory, be assured he belongs to the zodiac sign, Cancer.A Cancer male is usually the super-sensitive type, who comes across as a vulnerable person. They are most comfortable in their home space and are extremely protective of their private life. Just like the crab, they like to take everything slowly and steadily.

STEP 5: Abandon your expectations that your Cancerian will run away with you after a wild night in Vegas. STEP 6: Don't be upset by a Cancer's moods.They have a long memory, and they will use that against you in a fight.They do not like confrontation, and this makes arguing with them hard.Tips & Warnings Your date is a Cancer if he or she was born between June 21 and July 22.Remember, we're all unique individuals, and there is a lot more to a person's astrological makeup than a sun sign. Pay attention, and if you're unsure about what your date wants, ask.Here's everything I wish someone had told me about what it would be like dating those rare guys born between June 22 and July 22.


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