Dating a goody to shoes

No matter how old we get, some of us can’t shake off our tendency to be the well-behaved friend or, to put it more loosely, the goody two-shoes friend.

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Their virtuous self, though it may regularly be manifest to others, may not come close to mirroring their true (though deeply suppressed) self.

As the goody two-shoes of Hogwarts, her alter ego Hermione Granger would probably frown at the mere thought of associating with such troubled company.

But yesterday Harry Potter star Emma Watson was pictured hanging out with the 'bad girls' at Paris Fashion Week.

What if their words and deeds belie what they’re actually thinking and feeling—and don’t, in essence, “capture” who they truly are?

It’s been said that, over time, a person’s actual behaviors are what reveal their true identity.


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