Dating an aquarius femal

Shallow and unable to see the big picture where relationships are concerned, but on the ball regarding work and career.

She loves her family more than anything and regards her parents with extremely high regard.

Aquarius women in love usually expect you to be independent-minded and not have any problem with her casual hi-bye indicates!

An Aquarius woman is more than likely to surround herself with a broad spectrum of individuals showcasing an array of qualities. ’ Loving an Aquarius woman means that you have to be prepared to be bombarded by ideas!

She continued to follow me around online and cajoled my friend to get information about me.

Pinning down an Aquarius woman in love to some stereotype that you believe in, will force her to do what is not expected of her; that woman is a matchless non-conformist!

They often disappear to regenerate their energy, which is a necessity to remain grounded.

Chaos and negativity can be overwhelming, and make them bitter.

She can be a little reserved when we speak of revealing true feelings and emotions.

As you get more intimate with your Aquarius woman, you will find that her friends circle is rather very small.


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