Dating finding god in way

Once I really realize God is there, and become convinced of it, my heart hungers to find God there. Our God is passionately engaged in drawing us to the fulness of life we were created for.Once my appetite is whet, I desire to find God in a much different way than I look for my car keys. We are seeking to find a God who loves us and is always seeking intimacy with us. A sense of absence vanishes when I am open to a sense of presence. I can hardly go through a single day without encountering the reality of sin and death - in me and in the world around me.Breakups in the church are painful and uncomfortable, and many of us have or will walk this dark and lonely road. God engineered romance to express itself in fidelity and loyalty — in oneness (Genesis ; Matthew 19:9; 1 Corinthians 7:2–13).So here are nine lessons for building hope and loving others when Christians end a not-yet marriage. Maybe you didn’t see it coming, and the other person suddenly wants out. Without the ceremony and covenant, it’s a divorce, but it can feel like it. Because dating is only a means to marriage, God’s design for our marriages speaks to his design for our dating relationships.SEE ALSO: Never Been Kissed: Will I Ever Find True Love?Identify and work to change unhealthy dating behaviors.And trust me sisters, I have BEEN there & DONE all that.

Well, this post may be for you if any of the above applied to you. Do you sense a longing to experience romantic love as God designed it to be, but can’t seem to find it?Are you searching for the right person to marry, yet frustrated that true love seems to be eluding you?The wiring in most of us has us longing for the wedding day.We’re looking, sometimes it feels frantically, for love, for affection and security and companionship and commitment and intimacy and help.We courted for 1 year and 8 months and kissed for the first time on 8/14/2010. SO, let's first quickly break down the difference between courting & dating. We STAYED out in groups with people and family & we were rarely alone in our almost 2 year courting process. It wasn't EASY but if it was EASY, everybody would do it.


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