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As a result individual areas developed distinct dialects. (Tokyo's dialect is considered standard Japanese) Today's focus is on the dialect of Osaka, Kyoto and the surrounding area.

MOOD SETTING: You are brushing up on your kansai ben with a nice obaasan outside an udon shop when suddenly a ninja jumps out and says, 'Goodo Morningu! So the dialect of the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto...) is 'KANSAI BEN.' Likewise the dialect of Fukui prefecture (my prefecture) is 'FUKUI BEN,' etc...

Why do not you touch on your irreplaceable thoughts and wishes while enjoying "chicks stories" of about 100 houses?

From Tosa Town Takatori Town where you walk slowly, your chicks story begins. It is a party that is held annually for New Year's Eve. People in the 10th-century court costumes perform traditional dance, music and plays on the boats, which sail on Oi River around Togetsukyo Bridge.

For the kanji-lovers: This 'BEN' is [ 弁 ] - the same as in BENTOU (lunch box) and BENGOSHI (lawyer) - but not related to BENJO (toilet) 1.

GREETINGS [ あいさつ ] 毎度おおきに My comment is actually a question: Of the dialects in Japanese, is it that they all use the same words, just in different ways? See, I am learning the standard, (or sometimes called the Polite) form of Japanese and fear that it may be useless if the dialects are far-stretched from the Standard...

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While feeling the relaxation of history, you can enjoy a tasty cherry blossom viewing.The comedy routine consists of the Boke, who generally says stupid things, and the Tsukkomi, who corrects the Boke though physical devices, such as a rap on the head.Even though it is also part of Kansai-ben, Kyoto-ben is generally a much softer dialect.Ticket over-the-counter sales 5,000 yen (tax included) with American premium buffet and one drink, lock cover Live of the 70's and 80's by the Badasses and Hard Rock Cafe goods, meal tickets and other luxury prizes won the game competition. Many other events are also scheduled on the riverbank. Accent commonly associated with the Kansai region of Japan.Osaka-ben (Osaka dialect) used to be the stereotypical villain accent until Osaka comedians performing with their accent became popular in the nineties.


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