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The bowline knot is thought to have been first mentioned in John Smith's 1691 work A Sea Grammar under the name Boling knot.Smith considered the knot to be strong and secure, saying, "The Boling knot is also so firmly made and fastened by the bridles into the cringles of the sails, they will break, or the sail split before it will slip." The bowline is used to make a loop at one end of a line.Rickie Fowler has had a big year in 2014, on and off the course, it turns out.Aside from finishing in the top five of all four majors, Rickie gave his clearest indication yet that he's got a new love in his life when he named bikini model Alexis Randock his "woman crush Wednesday." The pair haven't announced anything official, but there are pictures of them together floating around on Instagram. Criminal background checks stop thousands of convicted felons, domestic abusers, and other dangerous people from buying guns each year.In 2015, in a huge victory for public safety, Oregon enacted a law to require background checks on all gun sales.The bowline is sometimes referred as King of the knots because of its importance.It is one of the four basic maritime knots (the other three are figure-eight knot, reef knot and clove hitch).

Senate Bill 1065 will strengthen Oregon’s gun violence prevention laws by: (1) prohibiting gun possession by abusive dating partners and stalkers, (2) closing the Charleston loophole and giving law enforcement enough time to complete criminal background checks before gun sales can proceed, and (3) ensuring that law enforcement officials are notified when criminals try and fail to purchase guns illegally.

With solid steel construction and CNC machined precision, the "One Hole" sight is tough as nails and designed for heavy field use.

It is well protected with an attractive, durable, and weather resistant Mil Spec Flat Black Phosphate finish.

SB 1065(1) must be a priority human health and public welfare bill for all Oregon legislators. Webster, “Effects of domestic violence policies, alcohol taxes and police staffing levels on intimate partner homicide in large US cities,” Injury Prevention 16 (2) (2009): 90–95 cited in “Preventing Domestic Abusers and Stalkers from Accessing Guns” at page 10, footnote 73. A “perfect” bill would eliminate “default” sales without a completed background check.

Its provisions lie well within the 2nd Amendment constitutional principles litigated post-Heller. https://us/liz/2017R1/Downloads/Measure Document/SB1065 2. Stalking Victimization in the United States (2009) and National Center for Victims of Crime: Stalking Fact Sheet (2012) 3. To impose a limit on the period of time to complete a background check has no merit in either fact or law. “Guns and Domestic Violence: Oregon’s Loophole,” Sarah Hansell, Street Roots news, 7. Blog: Closing the Boyfriend Loophole,” Kelly Roskam, 8.


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