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The way to get more out of a man is to ask him some questions that will really give you some clues as to his true personality.Don’t ask him questions that he can answer with one word, ask him questions that will need an explanation and a bit of thought.He might be unemployed, but he could be going to college for his degree.7. So, we can obviously see why this might be an important question. If you could have dinner with a famous person, who would it be? Hey, he could secretly dream of being a magician and has the ability to perform some wild tricks, or maybe he can walk on his hands. Just ask it casually something during the conversation. If you’re 21 and he’s 45, you might want to wait till the next guy comes to your table before things get too serious.8. Is he a native of the land, or has he recently moved (maybe from some exotic state or country? Does he want to gawk at Pamela Anderson over dinner, or dive into the intelligent mind of Albert Einstein? You might find out he’s got a really cool classic car he’d love to show you off in! What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? If he hangs out in the roughest bar in town, playing pool, then that will tell you one thing, if he spends most of his free time in the local library, that will tell you something else about him. If you are thinking that this might be a long term relationship, then checking out how he feels about children would be a good move.His answer will not only tell you if he might be interested in having children of his own, it will also give you an insight into the type of man he is. Well, if you are going to make this a permanent arrangement you need to know if you are going to get breakfast in bed!

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You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps and where he hangs out, so this question could tell you a lot more than just what his favourite haunts are. This is another one of good questions to ask your boyfriend.

In reality, premature or exaggerated revelations are due more to boundary issues, unresolved pain, or self-centeredness than true intimacy.

Maybe your first date questions will lead you to discover that this person is your soul mate—or maybe not.

Should the relationship evolve, there will be plenty of time to get into weighty topics.

When a person reveals too much too soon, it can give a false sense of intimacy.


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    I wanted a serious relationship and to find someone I may eventually marry.