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Collagen molecules contain helical domains, known as collagenous domains, that are composed of X-Y-Gly triplet repeats; often, the Y residue is hydroxyproline (Kuhn ., 1987; van der Rest M, 1991).

The type IV procollagen molecule consists of three domains; 7S, a short, N-terminal triple-helical domain; NC1, a noncollagenous, C-terminal C-propeptide domain; and a long triple-helical collagenous domain centrally (Kuhn ., 1987).

embryonic stem cell lines and examined formation of basement membrane and production of type IV collagen in embryoid bodies, a model for postimplantation egg-cylinder stage embryos.

The visceral endodermal cell layers surrounding cells, which suggested insufficient or incorrect triple helix formation in type IV collagen in the absence of Hsp47.


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