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Prior to starting his run, Cashion told viewers, "I want all deaf people and all people with impairments to see me tonight and maybe think that they can be on the show too." Why the show's producers didn't implement another alert system to communicate a disqualification with Cashion is not known.

Saudi Arabia is to behead a deaf and visually impaired man to death for taking part in a protest, it has emerged.

It was only when Cashion reached the end of the first challenge and caught eye of his step-son, Josh, who was communicating via sign language that he learned of his disqualification. " Cashion can be seen mouthing to his son, who was then left with the responsibility of explaining his dad's foot slip.

But activists claims a 'forced statement' was used as the sole piece of evidence against him in a secretive trial at the Specialised Criminal Court.

Reprieve said it had urged Trump to use his visit this month to raise the cases of protesters who face the death penalty.

It’s the evolution of video relay, helping you connect everyday, everywhere. Or, choose a contact from your address book and dial them with one tap. – Text to Speech and Speech Synthesis for the deaf and mute community.

Purple VRS (free)- Make VRS, Voice-to-Video and Point-to-Point calls – anywhere, anytime. This application is designed to use the text to speech (TTS) and the speech recognition features of your Android device.


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