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Smart Girls’ is so overjoyed that she agreed to share it with us. Of course there was more to it than that, but our combined senses of humor, I believe, has been one of the major strengths of our relationship.I’ve been thinking about how strange dating is in the 21st century. Life can be hard, so find a reason to laugh every day.(AP Photo/Matt Volz) HELENA — Montana will test 1,400 rape kits dating back to 1995 that weren't submitted to the state's crime lab by local law enforcement authorities, Attorney General Tim Fox said Thursday.The state also will add personnel to track the kits, counsel victims and investigate when DNA from the kits result in rape suspects being identified."We look forward to ensuring that unsubmitted sexual assault kits in Montana are tested, to helping bring closure to a horrific event in the lives of survivors, to serving justice to perpetrators and to protecting our citizens," Fox said.

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Babs is a grown-up girl with two twenty-something daughters.A life changing event builds a bond between C and Sonny, a bond that C’s father Lorenzo (Robert De Niro) strongly disapproves of.Under the tutelage of both men C becomes torn between his own natural honesty and the lifestyle of his neighborhood cronies including theft, guns, and racial fights.Typically I am not one for “gangster” films but because I am a sucker for love, is one of my favorite movies of all time.The dynamics of all of C’s relationships make for good drama but it is the lessons and quotes from this film that make it a classic.In addition to gender's role in the prevelence of the condition, the experiment also found that people with 'systems-thinking minds' working in jobs related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics (known as 'Stem' fields) had a higher chance of being diagnosed than those in non-Stem industries.


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