England gerogian era dating

Specialists use the reigns of the English monarchs to date silver, so pieces made between 17 are called George I, followed by 1727 to 1760 for George II, etc.Some collectors will only buy silver made during the reign of one king.The Regency period is epitomised by the Regent himself.As a young man, George IV was a handsome and personable figure, described as “the first gentleman of England”.The romantic figure of Prinny had almost disappeared by the time the long-awaited Regency started.

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As the century proceeded, silver becomes more elaborate as influences from rococo France arrived in London.

English silver has traditionally been sought after by collectors for its beautiful design and its superb quality.

In today’s modern world, these exquisite pieces of silver serve as elegant reminders of a more refined time.

The Louis fireplace we are familiar with today should more correctly be referred to as Louis Revival fireplaces as they are the product of the efforts of 19 Century architects and designers to re-introduce styles which mimicked rather than faithfully reproduced the original designs of Louis XIV. The Louis Revival fireplaces popularised in the 19 Century and Victorian period were in general made in England and France and are a lot less elaborate in design than their original predecessors.

A typical Louis revival fireplace projects nine inches or so from the wall.


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