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I spent the morning going through my file of links that people have sent to me over the week that looked good to read.

I have seen enough productivity advice to know that I should not leave links in my inbox.

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As you may know, INTP and ESFP have no functions in common, and their position (sensing, feeling, thinking and intuition) is totally different.

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ESTPWhy: ESTPs have two superpowers: mindreading, and sex.When arguing, be aware that your brains act differently, and try to empathize with each other.INTP must realize that ESFP will not sit next to him to find out the whys of the universe, but prefers to experience the here and the now immediately. INTP: (oh my God)(It’s a little silly and theatrical, but I think you get what I mean.)I can only wish you good luck, and if you have one more specific question about an ESFP reaction/action don’t hesitate to contact me.David Allen says everything needs to be dealt with now or filed for later.Leo Babauta says you should clear out your reading folder each week so it doesn’t hang over you.And I want to be productive, so I’m following all the rules.


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