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“Many presbyopes are interested in occasional contact lens wear, for which daily disposable lenses are an ideal option,” says Thomas G. He explains that aspheric optics and reverse geometry in hybrid multifocal lenses allow for an extended range of functional vision, while the ultra-stable nature of scleral lenses provides options for patients with residual cylinder through the concurrent provision of multifocal optics with front toric corrections.

Accommodating IOLs may very well transform the practice of cataract and refractive lens surgery.If a patient has high demand for near acuity, bifocal GP lenses may still be one of the best options.For those patients who have sufficient crystalline lens change and whose best contact lens corrected vision has been on the decline, then discussing a premium IOL is an excellent option, Dr. Expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2016, this monthly replacement silicone hydrogel lens will combine the three-zone progressive design from the company’s Biotrue One Day multifocal with its Ultra contact lens material.The big test may come late in 2015, when Calhoun Vision (Pasadena, Calif.) seeks FDA approval of an IOL different than anything the FDA has seen before.he Calhoun LAL lens assumes its final shape when biocompatible macromers sensitive to UV light are irradiated, causing a chemical reaction in the treated macromers.Though the nomenclature has yet to solidify, surgeons say the current hallmark of the EDOF lens is that it gives cataract patients a somewhat expanded depth of field without the drawbacks associated with a multifocal visual system. Holladay, MD, MSEE, FACS, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine, says the EDOF lens may fill a niche for certain surgeons and patients.


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