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We know first hand how hard it is for dairy operations to remain solvent.Culling practices can help farms increase their profit margin, save time and work towards genetics in a dairy herd that emphasize high milk production.says:: Looks like The Hamptons are full - there were more SUV's in our village than I have ever seen..over the road - Its nice to have the Ocean to escape to - come on Cam - get a shot up!!xo JC says:: This is a great visual each day, seeing this provides a daily escape from the office madness. It's always a at good day when you're at the beach/ocean..We have kept second jobs as teachers so that we can explore ways to generate income on a small farm without the pressure of having to operate in a way that would take all the joy out of what we do.

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construction camera to combine live jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing, and HD security recording in one turnkey system.

We provide the best project management tools, at a lower price, with the most user-friendly interface. We are also the company to include free multi-cast streaming video.

This allows any number of viewers to watch live video from your jobsite camera. We’ve pioneered new construction camera technologies for over 20 years.

Thousands have watched the live feed from her pen on this site alone -- over 1.2 million more watched the You Tube stream of the calf's birth.

In the days since the birth, people have still been tuning in to watch the baby interact with his mom.


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