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And they're doing something similar on Twitter, creating dozens of French-appearing sock puppet accounts.

The learning curve here is steeper than the Tour's highest climb, and it does little to ease in anyone unaccustomed to the sport's various eccentricities.Popcorn is conjured in /r/Occult over whether or not using people's dead bodies for occult rituals is a good idea or not.Discussion soon devolves into whether or not an occultist should follow any human law.4chan user creates multiple fake accounts, steals pictures from across the web, and posts them to /r/happy.After they make the front page, users catch on and the 4channer comments with his other fake accounts to defend himself.The anonymous user, however, was quick to not call what's happening among the international alt-right a conspiracy."The shared agenda is to get far right, pro-Russian politicians elected worldwide.


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