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A sequence variant in the NAC gene ppa008301m was shown to co-segregate with the maturity date locus, suggesting this gene as a candidate controlling ripening time in peach.If confirmed on other genetic materials, this variant may be used for marker-assisted breeding of new cultivars with differing maturity date.Moreover, each step of the tissue sampling, RNA isolation and reverse transcription process adds variation that is reflected in the amount of c DNA that is generated in the individual samples.Therefore, the most important step in the analysis, from the viewpoint of accuracy, is a normalization strategy to correct for these unavoidable differences in sample size, sample composition and technical variations.We analyzed the stability of previously described as potential reference genes in different subsets of cardiac tissues, each representing a different field in cardiac research.The q PCR dataset was based on 119 different tissue samples derived from cardiac development to pathology in mouse adult hearts. The stability of 9 candidate genes was analyzed in each of 12 experimental conditions comprising different groupings of these tissue types.The presence of Cm PP16, APL, FT, and YDA in chlorophytes suggests the recruitment of ancient regulatory networks for the development of the vascular tissue during evolution while OPS is a novel protein specific to vascular plants.

However, clinical and biological samples contain different tissues and cell types, each with unknown contribution to the observed gene expression.

We are a research group who wants to unravel how animal multicellularity emerged from our common unicellular ancestor.

To conduct our research, we use genomics (comparative, functional), cell biology, proteomics and phylogenetics. Núria awarded with the Prevosti Prize to best oral talk at Jornada Biologia Evolutiva today at Barcelona; congrats Núria! Iñaki appointed vice-director of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology. Konstantina attends singek ITN workshop in Uppsala. Jon Brate, from University of Oslo, is visiting us. Our review on animal origins published online today in Nature Review Genetics. Edu leaves for a research stage at Eric Bapteste’s lab.

Expression stability was determined with the ge Norm module of qbase .

This analysis showed that different sets of two or three reference genes are required for analysis of q PCR data in different experimental conditions in murine cardiac research..


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