Help for dating a musician

Music will always take center stage in their minds.If you aren’t willing to settle for a permanent second place, you might have to reconsider your choice of romantic partners.If stability is the foundation of a healthy relationship, romance with a musician would be one step shy of terminal illness.2) Obsession with music It might not be feasible to have your significant other’s every thought be transfixed on you throughout the day.Aside from those private little concerts that you get to see exclusively before everyone else, you're definitely in for a fun, crazy adventure!If you're dreaming of dating a musician or you're simply curious to know what it's like dating one, here's a lowdown of some of the most amazing (and not-so-amazing) things that happen when you date a musician: Reharsals come first.In fact, it'll be one of the toughest things ever, considering their abnormal schedules and their creative mood swings.However, in my case, I can say that dating a musician has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

And if you don’t understand music at all, the awkwardness would be the least of your worries. Unless your parents are hippies and cool funky anomalies of society, they will be concerned.By Joelle Theresa Ngo Dating a musician seems like a thing that most teenagers wish to experience because, honestly, who hasn't had that fantasy of dating the badass lead singer of their favorite band or the sensitive singer-songwriter?Plenty of them have an erratic craziness and spontaneity that comes hand in hand with their creativity, which makes them real fun to be around, and many wear their heart on their sleeve, which makes communicating a dream.You'll probably be around the band enough to know backstage life isn’t the R-rated Gucci Mane video clip you first thought, and mostly just a lot of standing around.I know because I used to wish I'd date one when I was in high school, little did I know that I'd actually end up being in a relationship with a musician when I grow up.


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