How dating

” But the thing is, as we all near 30, societal pressure shifts, and singletons start being asked why they haven’t “found someone yet.” Woohoo, you’re an adult and can now, well, do basically all the same things you’ve been doing since you were 18. Many people end their long-term relationships in their mid-twenties when they realise that actually, this person isn’t who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, but if they end it now, they still have time to enjoy being single and find someone else to settle down with.

The dating pool is vast as many high-school sweethearts broke up during uni. You’re a serious grown-up now (possibly even with a job - well, internship - and everything) so aren’t just going to snog someone behind a bike-shed, oh no. Oh bloody hell, your friends are starting to get engaged and married.

Withhold access to your body, money, home, and heart until you have done your due diligence and are clear about who a person is, not just what they are (i.e., gorgeous, sexy, seemingly crazy about you).

Falling “in love” or otherwise feeling an intense attraction to a person is not the same as knowing that person. is senior VP/executive editor-at-large for Black Enterprise.

Now, however, the average age to get married in the UK is 34.3 for women and 36.7 for men.

Entrepreneurs, including highly successful ones, fall in love just like most people.

But many risk everything — including access to their business, their business resources, and their personal finances — by blindly and prematurely trusting the people they become emotionally or sexually involved with.

Partners and employees who know the true story may keep it to themselves, for fear of violating the privacy of their colleagues.

They fear retaliation from one or more of those involved in the relationship. As small business owners achieve greater levels of success, status and wealth, they must never forget the first rule of healthy relationships: Protect yourself at all times.


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