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Anything not completely mainstream will tend to provoke some negative reaction.I have an ongoing debate with several of my friends about whether men are actually intimidated by successful, assertive women.People have no idea how you seem to keep it together so well even when everything around you is a hot mess.In fact, you lose your chill so infrequently that when you do, people know they’ve REALLY crossed a line.

Several strategies can help you seem more approachable, so the guys who catch your eye won't hesitate to make friendly and flirty conversation.

For a long time, I believed this type of intimidation was, at best, a romantic-comedy myth invented to make flawless type-A women seem like victims. Lo in The Wedding Planner.) Or maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, like how I never feel bad about my beach body until I am instructed to think about my beach body.

At my most skeptical, I’ve wondered whether “he’s intimidated by you” is the female equivalent of “you’re in her friendzone,” a ego-coddling excuse for romantic failure that deflects blame from the brokenhearted.

Limit the amount of friends you take with you on outings, especially if you're hoping to attract a male interest.

Once you've a caught a guy's attention with your eye contact and grin, move away from your group slightly so he won't feel intimidated over the possibility of making a fool of himself in front of your group.


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