How to use plenty of fish online dating

Plenty of Fish — also known as POF — is a popular dating site for singles.

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You can forget about working for any arm of any government department and increasingly companies are using the info you give to the" free" dating sites to screen applicants.

I'm done with trying to find a life partner from dating sites. I'm gutted and disgusted and POF, you'll be receiving correspondence from my Lawyers. I was told by a woman that she was paid to chat online and by text messages with at least 2 aims. to keep you using the service so they ca,n "upgrade" you to a paying customer. Your profile, pics, credit card details( if your stupid enough to give it) Then try to delete your account. To delete your account you have to log in, but the moment you log in you re activate your account.?

I have been on POF in the past (several years) but returning I find a considerable number of fake and scammer type emails and profiles. It rates pretty much the same as RSVP in terms of the scammer and escort agency profile ratio. I have given really good reviews to companies who give good service. Ever heard the saying " there's no such thing as s free lunch" 2. The pics you posted are now the property of p.o.f, oasis, Ashley Madison, zoosk, elite singles, RSVP, lava life and about 10 other "dating sites" almost all "dating dites" are owned by the same parent company. 5 or 6 years from now, you apply for a job and the HR manager googles your name and up pops those pics, the profile and the type of relationship, or not, that you were looking for.

For the ladies out there, especially the young ones, they don't deserve to be treated like a hooker or piece of meat, or be put down by tosspots who think they're king it and a bit.

It can be very degrading and it's not healthy. I've met guys on this site, who've turned out to be massive scammers.


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