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The GUI was developed as part of some work I've been doing on the Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) 2012 Medical Records Track.I hope to write more about the GUI and the work on TREC in the future.And lastly we can destroy j Scroll Pane and bring back default scrollpane to the container using destroy method. As we saw, this library provides not only a variety of options to customize scrollpane, but also an API to work with.j Scroll Pane is constantly being improved so if you find a bug or want to request some feature feel free to open a new issue on Git Hub.I'm personally not supporting the Drupal 5 version although one of the other maintainers may be willing to do so.I will explain how in nearly 10 minutes you can create a custom scrollpane for your website with the help of the j Scroll Pane, a j Query library, and how to style and customize it.Data Table,'Data'); % get old data from table n Rows = size(old Data,1); % get actual row number data = cell(n Rows new Row,3); % create new cell with additional rows data(1:n Rows,:) = old Data; % store old data in new cell set(handles.Data Table,'Data',data) % modify Data field of table guidata(handles.

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Apart from that we can also get some information about the scrollpane with the help of API: get Is Scrollable H and get Is Scrollable V (whether scrollpane can be scrolled by x or y); get Content Position X and get Content Position Y (get the current x or y position of the viewport with regards to the content pane); get Percent Scrolled X and get Percent Scrolled Y (get the horizontal or vertical position of the viewport within the pane content) and more.

Data Table,handles) My original problem was that every time this function is evaluated, the scroll jumps up to the original position, which is really bothering since the new rows are added to the end of the table.

The solution I found ( ) is to use this code:j Scrollpane = findjobj(handles.

For now, I want to share a solution I developed to a problem with the Java 6 Swing and AWT components I was struggling with over the past few days.

The problem was a JList contained within a JScroll Pane contained within a JPanel that was resizing when new String elements added to the JList were longer than its current width.


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