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year of quality publishing services and continues to focus on the Florida Keys.The lead article is the In The Keys section that offers opinions and even some editorializing.The first, to grant our council members a three year, instead of two year, terms will have little effect on the city.

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The scallops are seared to perfection and taste like they just came out of the ocean.""This place is absolutely the best breakfast I have had, EVER!

In addition to scores of other celebrities, during his time at the Turtle Rosenthal welcomed football and baseball elites like Joe Namath and Mickey Mantle as well as Saturday Night Live veterans Gilda Radner and John Belushi with Belushi even spending a little bit of time acting as an impromptu host. The old building was demolished and a new building with the same footprint is home to The Green Turtle Restaurant, our Wine and Spirits Shop and the Florida Keys Outfitters. When a place has been around for almost 70 years, they must be doing something right -- and they are!

Other notable celebrity visitors include Jack Paar, Buddy Hackett, Bear Bryant, and former World Middleweight Champion Boxer Jake La Motta. The new Green Turtle Restaurant embraces the past while keeping up with the times.

At large voting means the top five vote getters are the elected council.

In odd years, with two seats up for election, the top two vote getters are elected, in even years with three vacant seats, the top three vote getters are elected.


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