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So I began researching traditional Muslim wedding customs to see how we Muslims have been doing weddings around the world for 1,400 years. This page is intended to be a celebration of the various local customs with which people have embellished their wedding day.If you'd like to share your customs, stories or photos with us, send your email to: Muslim Marriage Customs in Villages of Upper Egypt, by Hala Dergham.Because of these events, we have the man, who in a manner of speaking, conquered death, and lives among the hearts of many in all parts of the world, especially in the African continent, even as he had been physically absent and dissolved by death from the land of the living nearly 40 years ago.

Dowry is an ancient custom, and its existence may well predate records of it.

Similarly, all were colonized by France, and remain largely bilingual, with both French and Arabic being spoken.

Although European influence in Morocco is strong, it is still a country of distinctly Arabic tradition.

Dowries may also go toward establishing a marital household, and therefore might include furnishings such as linens and furniture.

Locally, dowry is called dahej in Hindi, jehaz in Urdu and Arabic, joutuk in Bengali, jiazhuang in Mandarin, çeyiz in Turkish, dot in French,"daijo" in Nepali, Anthropologist Jack Goody's comparative study of dowry systems around the world utilizing the Ethnographic Atlas demonstrated that dowry is a form of inheritance found in the broad swath of Eurasian societies from Japan to Ireland that practice "diverging devolution", i.e., that transmit property to children of both sexes.


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