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But recent reviews of the plan suggest that a significant gap is still unaddressed in the area of provision of relief and support to survivors of sexual violence during the conflict, including access to justice.

In response, IOM, in partnership with the Conflict Victims Common Platform, has launched a project: “Empowering Conflict Related Sexual Violence Survivors to Effectively Assert their Rights on Services and Justice” in Kailali, one of the affected districts.

The change announced by Hussen will allow Canadian passport holders, including transgender travellers and those who do not identify as male or female, to check off an X box.

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India, Ireland and Nepal are among the countries that provide a third-option category.

While addressing the court, La Valle said he was sorry and that he loved the children whom he allowed to be raped by Jordan.

"I'm deeply sorry and I don't know if they can ever forgive me," La Valle said.

The federal government did not say what the interim measures would include, but did explain that they will only be in place until the government can print documents with an X instead of an M for male or F for female.

Sex traditionally refers to a male or female, based on biological or physical anatomy such as genitalia, while gender refers to how a person identifies personally and in society.


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