Patent number dating

The "BOX Patent" marking is the oldest *patent* found on a PEZ dispenser.This marking can only be found on original regulars.Since Uxa’s original design, multiple patents have been issued for Pez Dispensers.The patent number appears on the side of the dispenser, at the bottom, most often under the words “Made in XXX” where XXX is the country where the dispenser is manufactured.Unfortunately for those interested in historical research, pre-1976 patents are only searchable by patent number or classification.If you only have a pre-1976 patent date, you also may be able to find the patent if you can hit upon the correct class for the item (see "Tools to Help..." above) and track the patent down, hit and miss.

All of the patents, designs, trademarks and labels were recorded in a document known as the Official Gazette .To continue with this line of reasoning, I also guess that the "flower" shape under the word "PATENT" was a type of *place holder* that would eventually be replaced with a correct patent number. Since PEZ was not yet manufacturing dispensers with character heads on them, only Vintage Regulars from this time period will have the "Made in Germany, US Zone" Patent marking.The patent number molded onto the stem changed every time PEZ, Inc.The numbered sequence runs from GB1 of 1617 to GB14359 of September 1852.Before October 1852, details of granted English patents were simply recorded (enrolled) in the Patent Rolls at the end of a long, cumbersome and costly application process. The details recorded in the Rolls usually included the name, rank and address of the patentee, the title of the invention, a formal recitation of the terms of the monopoly (patent) granted and the date of grant.In general, patent numbers can give an indication but not a definitive date as to when a dispenser was produced.


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