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Don't let Disney fool you, this is the REAL meaning of ohana. Learn to work around the Pidgin – Not all the local girls speak pidgin English but someone they know definitely does. Fun in the moment but that awkward silence while driving home afterwards? They're a very accepted part of our culture and I promise you that you will be grateful for the mahu cousins and friends that she has. If you step on it….maybe you should go back to number one of this article. A great start to understanding our beautiful women here in Hawaii.They will take sooooo much of the emotional pressure off of you because they will provide her with a different perspective in everything. Local girls LOVE HARD – When they commit to you, they give you their all. Of course, it's hardly an understanding because they are very complex but at least you'll be somewhat prepared.Birth Control Alisa says: While you can easily buy condoms and pregnancy tests in pharmacies, it is better to consult a doctor if buying contraception pills.The best clinics in Apia are: 1) Collins Medical Clinic (Maria’s Health Care Building, mobile: 685 7754127).As a tourist, you will have to pay for an appointment (100 tala).

So before you dive into the dating pool, I've hooked you up with nine things you need to know before dating a local girl. Marry the girl, you marry the family – Whether she has seven siblings and 20 nieces and nephews or whether she's an only child, there's always uncles…lots and lots of uncles. When you get with the girl, they're all part of the package. Simply tell them, “Pidgin sounds so darn cool and I wish I could speak and understand it. And they just might come into the crowd and choose you to go up on stage and dance with them. And fellas, don’t laugh…cause you know you roar at feeding time too. Get over your homophobia – If you don't know what mahu means, go and learn it.Dating Locals Alisa says: It is rare for Samoan men to date foreigners, as the majority of foreign women come to Samoa to work at international organizations.So foreign women are usually in touch with the other foreigners.Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Alisa says: Dr Monalisa Punivalu is an experienced gynecologist- she’s on the U. Breastfeeding is considered a private and intimate matter.Interesting stories about childbearing in Samoa can be found here.I’ve been to almost every ethnic wedding you can think of and had the awesome privilege of marrying some of them.


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