Powerpoint bar chart not updating

If you don’t use linking, how can you easily update the graph in a presentation each time without a lot of extra work?

I suggest you consider creating the graph in Power Point with data copied from Excel.

usually preople use code which does not correctly identify the chart object. If I copy the excel chart and link it using the Keep Source Formatting & Link Data (F) method it comes in as a macro enabled worksheet and the links don't update.

You probably arrived at this page because you are a business professional who has to present regularly to management or executives on analysis you have done in Excel.

I have linked several excel charts into a powerpoint slide.

I have set the links update to automatic and get the prompt, no errors but no visible change in the chart.

The linked excel chart method is Power Point is not well thought out! Copy the chart and in PPT choose Paste Special (Link as Excel chart) You should now have a rightc click option to update and maybe the auto update will also work.

If you use code post the code you have and I will see if it can be fixed. If I copy the excel chart and link it using your method (as a chart object) it works.

Set up the data required for the graph in a set of Excel cells.

When you create the graph in Power Point, use Paste Special – Values to copy the data from Excel.


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