Psych shawn juliet start dating who is kane dating

From fine dining to turtle necklaces, Juliet's suitors certainly gave Shawn a run for his money.But let's be honest: it's about time we were treated to a case where Juliet got to investigate the seedy underworld of online dating, if only so we could see Shawn act out at the situation.With as much as Shawn touched and ate and opened and saw, all without through for safety, I assumed this was going to be the storyline for the episode: Shawn has to get himself out of murder rap.I was sure of it when he found the body next to him (where he would almost certainly drop hair or skin) then escapes through a window (fingerprints), running from the security guards that clearly see him (witnesses).

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As a result, Shawn effectively possesses a Photographic Memory and the ability to observe and put together clues too subtle for the average person to pick up.

Gus warning him about being too specific during his psychic case initiation.

Lassiter with the picture of the back of Shawn’s head.

We all knew he'd handle it poorly, but didn't it make your heart swoon when he told Juliet he was finally ready to cohabitate?

Yes, it could have been a function of the scarring scene Shawn witnessed between Maddie and Henry (which we'll get to in a minute), but it's just as likely that the experience reminded him of how much he loves and wants to be with Juliet.


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