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Harris, Dennis Kunkel 9780814715314 0814715311 Generation on Hold - Coming of Age in the Late Twentieth Century, James E. Allahar 5025170100010 Wainwright's Lakeland/North Country, Alfred Wainwright, Eric Robson 9780874803594 0874803594 Itzaa Maya Texts with a Grammatical Overview., Charles Andrew Hofling 9781558585317 1558585311 Eichhornchen und der Mond, Eleonore Schmid, Rosemary Lanning 4005939689728 Standard Operating Procedure 9783805526135 380552613X Die Biologie des Menschen, J Wunderli 9780753167021 0753167026 Payment Deferred, Joyce Holms 9780309102926 0309102928 Evaluation of the Markey Scholars Program, Committee for the Evaluation of the Lucille P.Markey Charitable Trust Programs in Biomedical Sciences, Board on Higher Education and Workforce, Policy and Global Affairs, ... Stoutenbeek 9780195531084 0195531086 Penny Pollards Passport (P), Klein 9781904444428 1904444423 The Death of Mr.38 témoins / AGAT films & cie et Artemis productions présentent un film de Lucas Belvaux scénario de Lucas Belvaux adapté du roman Est-ce ainsi que les femmes meurent? de Souza producers, Lawrence Gordon, Joel Silver director, Walter Hill 49th parallel / an Ortus Films production managing director, John Sutro original story and screenplay by Emeric Pressburger scenario by Rodney Ackland and Emeric Pressburger produced and directed by Michael Powell Les 5 gentlemen maudits / un film de Julien Duvivier réalisation, Julien Duvivier adaptation et dialogues, Julien Duvivier, d'après le roman d'André Reuzé [produit par Charles Delac, Marcel Vandal une production Les Films Marcel Vandal et Charles 50 children : the rescue mission of Mr. Kraus / HBO Documentary Films HBO in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum written, produced and directed by Steven Pressman Perle Press Productions 50 years of silence : the story of Jan Ruff-O'Herne / Ronin Films presents director, Ned Lander with Carol Ruff & James Bradley producers, Ned Lander, Carol Ruff writers, Carole Sklan, Jan Ruff-O'Herne 50/50 / a Summit Entertainment release presented in association with Mandate Pictures of a Point Grey production.

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un film de Gilles Grangier d'après le roman d'André Gillois adaptation cinematographique de Jacques Robert, André Gillois, Gilles Grangier dialogues de Michel Audiard 1932, cicatriz de la memoria / El Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Indiana University, the Memories of Mestizaje Project present produced and directed by Jeffrey L. Michael Fremer's practical guide to turntable set-up / MF Productions in association with written, produced and performed by Michael Fremer directed and edited by Joe Shelesky 21st National Conference on Health Education and Health Promotion : emerging opportunities for health promotion & health education : sailing into new waters / ASTDHPPHE, Association of State and Territorial Directors of Health Promotion and Public Hea 24 heures de la vie d'une femme / Playtime présente un film de Laurent Bouhnik d'après l'oeuvre originale de Stefan Zweig scénario, Gilles Taurand et Laurent Bouhnik directeur de production, Philippe Roux produit par Playtime, Jean Cottin et E 25 watts / productores asociados: Ana Resnizky de Orimian, Ronald Melzer, Patricia Boero una coproduccion de: Ctrl Z Films, Imagenes, Taxi Films produced by Fernando Epstein directed by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll 25th hour / Touchstone Pictures presents a 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks production an Industry Entertainments/Gamut Films production, a Spike Lee Joint produced by Tobey Maguire, Julia Chasman produced by Spike Lee, Jon Kilik screenplay by 28 women : a chance for independence / documentary by Muriel Magenta sponsors, Arizona State University, Herberger College of Fine Arts, Women's Studies YWCA Haven House script, Kathryn Pinto, Eric Vermilion, Michele Benjamin 3 contes merveilleux : Blanche neige, Barbe bleue, Cendrillon / scénario et dialogues, Hélène Guétary, Henri Debidour, Alexandre Toulet producteur délégué, Olivier Minne production exécutive/directeur de production, Muriel Saléza réalisiteur 300 / a Warner Bros.

Collectively known as the Revolutions of 1989, they heralded the beginning of the post–Cold War period. de Klerk was elected in South Africa, and his regime gradually dismantled the apartheid system over the next five years, culminating with the 1994 election that brought jailed ANC leader Nelson Mandela to power.

It was the year of the first Brazilian presidential elections in 29 years, since the end of the military government in 1985 which commanded the country for more than twenty years, and marked the redemocratization process's final point. The first commercial Internet service providers surfaced in this year, as well as the first written proposal for the World Wide Web and New Zealand, Japan and Australia's first Internet connections.


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