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"It took so long to deal with the pain of that," she says, "You try to deal with it, but you never really get over it," she adds.

"And not just me; my family endured so much guilt and anger that something like that happened to me." Because of her father's military career, her family moved frequently during her childhood, to various places such as England, and eventually settled in Denver, where she attended East High School.

However, even with that concentration, we know that there are some faces that have been left out, and some shown about whom we would like to include more details.That said, we’ve laid the foundation for what we set out to achieve and consider this to be a work in progress.Where details in the individual listings below are sparse or absent, it’s only due to a lack of information upon which to draw.Grier is also known for her work on television; for 6 seasons she portrayed Kate 'Kit' Porter on the television series The L Word.She received an Emmy Award nomination for her work in the animated program Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child.It is God’s chosen way of revealing His thoughts—the deep things which are unsearchable except by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.


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