Scouse dating

He has to watch, without fail, any time a game is on. This dedication and loyalty will not go amiss with you; he will shower you in just as much affection when you’ve been sat on your own all day in the SJ.They have the best sense of humour Scousers’ sense of humour are one of the things they’re most famous for, and rightly so. (Great for eye liner fixing emergencies) Speaking of shopping. They make it their business to know when the new season Michael Kors comes into store. Expect a Dove giftset from his Nan at Christmas for sure. Whether it’s family, mates or the red men, if you date a Liverpool lad he’ll make you a priority from the start. It’s highly likely he can cook…at least a pan of scouse. This rare skill comes in handy particularly during winter months when it’s constantly Baltic and when you’re in the mood to kill him for breathing! It’s no wonder our menswear stores are flourishing, they like to shop. They’ll be so clean you can see your reflection in them. They love the women in their families fiercely and you’ll be quickly welcomed into the fold.You know you’re dating a scouse lad when his shoe collection is truly impressive.He owns at least 25 pair of shoes (24 of which are immaculate trainees) and you’ve never seen someone flip like a scouse lad when you accidentally step on his pristine webs.For anyone with their eyes peeled waiting for Mr Right, this is every reason Scouse lads are the best people to date.They are incredibly loyal There is no one more loyal than a Scouser, and you can tell this from their classic hobbies like drinking and sports.

It was a traditional seaman's dish which may be of Viking origin. It is made with corned beef, onions, beetroot and mashed potatoes and flavoured with a pinch of cumin and served with a fried egg on top. Here at The Guide Liverpool we love a bit of romance and following in the famous footsteps of our Cilla, we’ve drawn up a top ten of why Scouse lads are the best around! The Liverpool lads love a weekly trip to one of the hundreds of city car washes……plus if you forget a spritz of perfume just grab one of the 50 odd air fresheners in his glove box! Crisp shirts (yep, they can iron too) or polo’s and a smart pair of jeans!They even remember that you’re a size smaller in Uggs! ‘Havin’ a laugh’ One of the most used phrases in our fair city and our boys have a wicked sense of humour.They also keep every box from their new shoes stacked up in a corner in their bedroom or in their wardrobe. Even though he acts like “one of the lads” he’s actually a little mush behind closed doors.He’s dead thoughtful and wouldn’t dream of treating you badly because he’s been brought up properly by a Scouse queen.You literally don’t know what you’d do without him when you’re hungover because, even though it might take some convincing and deal making, he’ll still always cave and go the shop for you… Speaking of maccies, IF he lets you eat inside his pride and joy (which is rare), don’t even THINK about leaving your cheeseburger wrapper behind. He goes the carwash at least once a week because he couldn’t bear the thought of driving around with even a speck of dust on his gorgeous car.


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