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Ren and Kyoko have to work together in a kissing booth for LME's first fair for charity.

Can Ren stand the torture of watching the woman he loves lock lips with the packs of red blooded males that visit their booth? Hiring day was ridiculous as Kaiba found it to be but when in need of a sudden secretary, what does he do?

I have long black hair with green eyes with little blotches of orange.

No I don't do online dating, that is pathetic, so bugger off in that department.

Meanwhile, Kaiba was staying up late again typing away on his laptop. As soon as she saw Tristan and Duke, they began drooling like idiots. But Serenity never seemed to care that her brother's friends thought she was hot. She wasn't interested in either of those two idiots."Hey guys, guess what I watched last night? Abridged by Little Kuriboh, I just had to create a really stupid fanfic. Because he's my favorite character, even though he acts like a douche bag. He had never once thought about naked girls, sex or anything related to that. Serenity handed him the scissors."You can do this part, I don't like cutting things up." Kaiba took the scissors, nearly touching her gloved hand with his gloved hand. ""What makes you think I'll actually be at the party? He simply went back to mutilating the poor dead frog."Heads up!And in the words of Solomon Mouto: "That Kaiba Kid Seriously Needs to Get Laid."The characters are loosely based on the Abridged Characters, except for a few weird qualities I've added into some them. Just watching them work together was cute, like something out of a nice fanfic."My brother tells me you're coming to Duke's costume party, is it true? I just said I'm not going."Serenity put the paper down and looked at him."Is there a reason why? " A reddish sack went flying across the room and splattered against the window of the classroom."Ew!I look more greek/spanish/italian/etc than Indian though so people usually talk shit in Punjabi behind my back.I'm a nice person and enjoy intelligent conversations. I'm a pretty open person when it comes to a lot of things but I do admit I am stubborn.: I am pretty open to just about any type of music.Of course with the past they've shared, working together will prove to be a challenge.


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