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The mother of two children could serve a maximum of 15 years in prison.

"This has been the biggest regret of my life," Lajiness said after her sentencing.

His new sentence permits access to the Internet for schoolwork. The 19-year-old’s case has stirred national debate, after the Indiana teen was sentenced to 90 days in jail, five years of probation, and put on the sex offender registry for 25 years in both Michigan and Indiana.

His crime: having sex with a 14-year-old Michigan girl he met online, who told him she was 17 and registered in the adult section of the online dating app. They met online, flirted, and he drove to Michigan to meet her in person. And when she got home, her mother had called police, worried when her daughter didn't come home for dinner. There are some 37,000 names listed in the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry.

Adams said it started as a joke, but the resume rapidly gained popularity.

Less than a week later, Adams has been featured on Buzz Feed and “Good Morning America.” There’s also been a growing push through social media to have Adams on “The Ellen De Generes Show.” “It’s been a cool experience, and my mom is really loving it,” he said.

A Michigan mother held back tears Monday as she was sentenced to prison for luring two teenage boys by using Snapchat and then having sex with them -- incidents she called the "biggest regret" of her life.

Brooke Lajiness, 38, was sentenced to a minimum of four years and nine months in prison, according to

If you are unsure of how to begin such a conversation, use everyday situations as an icebreaker.MANHUNT FOR WOMAN, 37, ACCUSED OF PERFORMING OBSCENE SEX ACT IN MCDONALD'S DINING ROOM "The defendant had a hard time explaining, but stated she was helping him, 'release his whatever.' This is an incident that this is clearly a predator," Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor John Vella said in court.Prosecutors requested Lajiness receive the harshest possible sentence for her crimes.“I’m wishing things would go back to normal even though I know it won’t happen soon,” he said.can be awkward, but the earlier you start the discussion, the better prepared your child will be to make safer decisions about it.To find a domestic violence or sexual assault program near you, please use the search function below.


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