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Group A: unattractive women with low standards that are happy to just meet a nice guy. The only reason why they are online dating is because their standards are out of wack with reality and have rejected all mediocre men in their life already. By in large, the vast majority of women that take online dating seriously fall into 2 groups.But the time has come for readers of I like to say Spain is a bit like the USA: there is a broad, general Spanish culture and lifestyle—but a lot of it will change depending on which autonomous community you visit.You will find extremely different climates (from tropical islands to freezing cold mountains, from areas where rain never goes away to lands dryer than a nun’s pussy.)” guys, and those who both identify as masculine as well as prefer it in their partners — the masc4masc.“I was chatting with some guy on Grindr, late night (as these things go).

Many of the definitions of masculinity center on what straight guys “should” be like, and therefore how the ideal gay guy “should” act: “speaking in a deep voice,” “playing and watching sports like football and basketball,” and “beer drinking” were all mentioned.

Ask yourself this: Is convincing someone to like you than finding a person who totally digs you and can’t wait to commingle your nudity with hers? Mutual enthusiasm is the key ingredient to great sex. Just because she doesn’t want to bone you doesn’t mean you’re un-boneable or that you’ve done something wrong. This person who doesn’t want to bone you, she just doesn’t feel the same way you do. Being angry and whining about being “friend-zoned” reeks of entitlement. Doesn’t flowers every week for a month get me anything?

The woman who sees you as just a friend doesn’t owe you sex, no matter how much you like her or how many nice things you do—genuinely or with sex as your motive. Be a woman’s friend because you like her company and want to hang out with her, not because you hope that someday she’ll feel obligated to have sex with you. The flowers were sweet, Tom, but I don’t owe you anything in exchange for your gift. There is no good way to trick a woman into wanting to sleep with you.

But what they don’t tell you is that once you’re out of the closet, you’re out of the frying pan and into the fire, honey—because many gay men have the same hang-ups about masculinity as those spiteful boys from middle school.

The performance of masculinity dictates how some gay men communicate on gay hookup and dating apps: those who identify as “masc,” those who specifically seek out “MASC ONLY (no femme!!


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