Steve jobs wife dating black man

Hillary Clinton famously coined the term “It takes a village to raise a child,” and though real estate transactions are a matter of public record, it also sometimes takes a village of intrepid informants to sort out ownership of properties purchased through inscrutable blind trusts and mysterious corporate concerns.

Such was the case for a multi-residence spread perched on a prime bluff above Malibu’s Paradise Point that was covertly sold in late March for million to a vaguely named LLC with a Silicon Valley address.

However, she did give an interview in April, where she remarked, “His [Steve Jobs] private legacy with me and the kids is that of husband and father.

Her life was about her family and Steve, but she is now emerging as a potent force on the world stage, and this is only the beginning.” Adrian Fenty and Laurene Powell Jobs grew closer when he joined the board of College Track, which was founded by Jobs last year.

“And then collective because I wanted the idea that you achieve your goals with people, because good ideas come from a lot of places.”The well-known Palo Alto is the one where you can’t throw a flash drive without hitting the offices of numerous Silicon Valley stalwarts—Facebook, Pay Pal, Google—and it’s also the home base of Stanford University, the place where, as an M. The downtown is bustling with kale-rich restaurants and Arts and Crafts homes, and the trees! The 52-year-old is also an avid outdoorswoman, a small-plot farmer, a beekeeper who sends out honey with handmade labels at the holidays, as well as a huge Halloween enthusiast.

If people thought the Halloween blowouts at the Jobs home would stop when Steve passed away, they were wrong.

He has also embarked on a career as a paid speaker, part-time college professor, adviser for the state and local government practice of an information technology consulting firm. Fenty was known to carry three Black Berry devices: one directly connected him to the police chief, the second was for other city business, and the third was for personal matters.

The "Housing First" program to provide permanent supportive housing for the city’s homeless was begun.


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