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She was immediately booked at the Palm Beach County Jail and was charged with trespassing.

The former star of "High Society" stayed at the jail for three hours before she was released.

Reflecting on the personal life of Tinsley Mortimer, she is possibly single.

Although her career took on a successful path her love life couldn’t do so.

"Tinsley and Nico broke up, and she cannot get over it.

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She was also in a relationship with Prince Lorenzo Borghese in 2012.Meanwhile, the mom really wants her to get back together with Topper.Tinsley is likable but you don’t get any outrageous behavior from her. Johnson-Calderon would not comment on any of these incidents, but wrote to the Transom: “I had a wonderful time filming the show, and I look forward to seeing it succeed in a genre known mostly for produced contestant shows and lackluster ‘glimpses’ into the lives of randos.” Kristen Vadas, the senior vice president of alternative programming at the CW, said the network had planned for an ensemble cast from the beginning.The most loathsome characters-and, therefore, inevitable stars-of High Society, Tinsley Mortimer’s forthcoming reality show, will not include the socialite herself, but two peripheral characters, a network source recently told the Transom.“We realized early on there was a story being told with Tinsley leaving her husband, filing for divorce and dating this German prince,” said a staffer from the show, which premieres on the CW Saturday, March 10.Being a celebrity and lack of much information, her fans are always curious to know more about her.


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