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Williams graduated as a member of the National Honor Society from Ashland High School on June 6, 2008.Though her channel began as a video blog, she has since shifted her content to include fan-made music videos for well-known bands including: Relient K, Family Force 5, and Mika, as well as original songs.

Focusing on stories, music videos, and skits, one of her most popular at the time were two successive videos, in which she played herself and a crazy alter-ego.

while you keemstar, run your mouth like a mediocre local rapstar. the reason why swat team came to team 10 house cause their stupid ass neighbors filed a false police report against them and caused all that mess.

itsbtje neighbors that are stupid and disrespectful. it took you being banned from xbox live 5 times and making your own youtube channel where your dumbass claims it should be about YOU when your making money off of it just like jake. you think you can fool us by saying you work minimum wage by flipping burgers at wendys while juggling being a father and sitting on your ass talking shit aboit the niggas talented than your bitch ass? you need to lose your voicebox and give it to someone who needs it and worthy of it like Nyle Dimarco or DJ Tissone.

A few wrote that their wife or girlfriend would be uncomfortable with them posing nude, at least with another man.

Those models who agreed include the husband of one of the photographers, a Whole Foods grocery store bag boy, a pizzeria owner, a professional wrestler, and a heavily-tattooed artist.


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