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From Emma Roberts' glorious bridesmaid dress to Kate Moss' elegant lace gown, we chart the best (and worst) in wedding style...

Hillary Clinton, joined by husband, former President Bill Clinton, attended the wedding of Clinton campaign supporter Marc Lasry’s daughter Sophie to hedge funder Alex Swieca.

[It’s] just a fact,” Michael told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday’s “I’m not saying there is, I’m not saying there isn’t,” Michael added.

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Related: Nicollette Sheridan Takes Her Big Dog To Lunch If you weren't aware the actress was married… Turns out the now-ex couple secretly tied the knot half a year ago.Now that her court date is set, she can relax and spend time doing other things… She was recently spotted walking her pup through Beverly Hills while wearing a nice all white ensemble. And this time, it went as high up as the California Supreme Court!As we all know, the actress' now-two-year-old lawsuit began when she asserted that she was wrongfully fired after series creator Marc Cherry struck her during an argument over her dialogue. From perky pep-filled mams, to chunky, clumsy mummies, the world is one giant symphony of bosom. So while you might be able to do something special with your boobs, like unlock your gym locker, your nipples probably fall into the same category as one of the horrified women watching you perform said titty trick. ) Boobs are a glorious thing.(Trust me, I have them! But yes, sizes galore exist, and thank heavens for that! But it turns out that when it comes to nipples, there are just 8 different types. She and her precious doggy were spotted out and about in Malibu just yesterday. So now she's finally back on track with a new trial date set! Check out some more pics (below) of the cute couple.


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