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JET: There have been rumors for years about a possible sequel to . JET: Why do you think has resonated with fans for all these years?

TG: It had several strong elements that make it so memorable: a good director (Michael Schultz) and producer (Berry Gordy); a simple story with a lot of heart; bigger-than-life characters; awesome bad guys Sho’nuff and Eddie Arcadian; and the underdog wins the girl and beats the bad guy. Aside from that film, what are your personal faves from that decade? The story is dramatic; it’s about a martial artist master who’s also a detective.

See full bio on IMDb » The guy who played Bruce Leroy in the 80's cult-classic movie "The Last Dragon" proved he's still the baddest this weekend in California ...

because his new trainer is none other than BRUCE LEROY from the 80s cult classic "The Last Dragon."Leroy -- real name Taimak (right) --…

Taimak was born on June 27, 1964 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Taimak Guarriello. READ MORE The 46-year-old resurfaced in the Big Apple on Tuesday, looking defensive.

He is known for his work on The Last Dragon (1985), No More Dirty Deals (1993) and Repeat Offenders: Jamais Vu (2011). Taimak's last name is Guarriello and is half Italian American and half African American.

As he gears up to share his story on TV One's "Life After," caught up with the heartthrob to talk about the role that changed his life, surviving dark moments, and what really happened between him and his former leading ladies Vanity and Janet Jackson. ", I know I'm not perfect by any margin, but I do think I'm talented and can contribute as an actor.

“My journey in life has been to own my power, I’ve only recently discovered how much I gave it away. I’ve always been blessed, yet always had obstacles to overcome, but that’s life, my job is to have gratitude and a healthy outlook.” Taimak was recently seen in the production of , “The First Lady”, by award winning writer. Taimak is currently writing and developing a detective story entitled “ I’ve Seen Things”. Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.In the interview, Taimak, who many know affectionately as “Bruce Leroy”, talks about life after The Last Dragon, the future, and love. Jordan got around to asking the burning question that all of the ladies want to know. ” Taimak said, “Yes, I’m flattered but I’ve been attracted to ladies only since I was 4 years old.” Now I bet there are a lot of ladies out there who are just giddy about that clarification.When asked about there being a possible remake of the timeless Last Dragon, Taimak said, “ I don’t think it’s resolved on whether it will be a remake or not. Slow down ladies, he is a very focused individual and you will have to be on your very best A game, to even stand a chance.It's a kind of club, and until you know how to play the game you're not going to be let in. TAIMAK: I've been in conversation with Kerry Gordy, Berry Gordy's son, about the Sony Pictures remake of "The Last Dragon" and my role in it, Samuel L. This time around they didn't include so much comedy, and they're still looking for a director and Bruce Leroy and more. During the callbacks for her role there were several women there and Berry Gordy pulled me aside in a room and asked me which one would I want to play the role, and I was like, "I pick that one! COM: (Laughs.) After the success and popularity of "The Last Dragon" was it difficult to remain grounded?So I decided I wasn't going to pursue Hollywood anymore and that's when I began to enjoy acting and life in general. Although I can't speak on my role, it will be something completely different, but they've been really great about consulting with me and asking for my input. COM: While you were many women's object of desire your leading lady Vanity had a legion of male fans. TAIMAK: Well, I was pretty popular in high school and had a following, but nothing was like being a movie star.What was the inspiration for writing and directing this project? JET: In addition to your personal projects, which types of roles are you looking forward to taking on in the near future?


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