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She later appeared in the coming of age drama Mermaids (1990), earning a Golden Globe nomination, and in the same year appeared alongside Johnny Depp in Burton's dark fairy-tale Edward Scissorhands (1990), and shortly thereafter with Keanu Reeves in Francis Ford Coppola's gothic romance Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992).

Having played diverse roles in many well-received films in the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s, Ryder won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and an Academy Award nomination in the same category for her role in The Age of Innocence in 1993, as well as another Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her role in the literary adaptation of Little Women the following year.

“The way he conducted that affair really upset Winona and turned her off to Johnny,” the insider said.

June 1989 - 1993Winona Ryder dated Johnny Depp: The pair met at the premiere of "Great Balls of Fire! Johnny got a tattoo for his fiance that read: "Winona Forever." He had it altered to "Wino Forever" after they broke up. Winona starred in his mockumentary about her own shoplifting scandal.

width=690&height=&mode=crop&quality=75" data-reactid=".15gwboc41ss."/ and quickly became one of the most iconic couples of the '90s (Depp and Kate Moss, ironically, are one of the others).

Depp had ' Winona Forever' tattooed on his arm, but had it changed to ' Wino forever' after they split up.

The two managed to make it work for four years, in spite of Winona's busy filming schedule.1997 - 2000Winona Ryder and Matt Damon were a high-profile couple while together.

Kind of funny that word." 1993 - 1997Winona Ryder and lead singer of Soul Asylum David Pirner had an affair in the very beginning of Winona's career.


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