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) caught by the reader, but it's there and once you get to the end of the story you will be surprised that YOU missed it, too.1- What is a mystery? 2- Have a class discussion on what makes a good mystery.

Discuss why the students like to read mysteries and what they like about the Cam Jansen myseries. 3- Why do you think Cam chooses to read a mystery when her teacher lets her choose a book?

In this mystery, Cam and her friends are at the library with her Dad. When Cam’s Dad reaches into his pocket for the shopping list, it isn’t there. She likes how Cam can remember things and solve problems.

Cam helps him retrace his steps and pictures each of the places they have been in. This is an easy reader introduction to the Cam Jansen mystery series. She could relate to the story in the library, because we go every week.

On the first day of school Cam Jansen, her friend Eric and her father go to the mall to do some shopping.

Find out when Cam's amazing memory clicks into action in the sixth book of the Young Cam Jansen series.

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Although this is an easy reader, there is a good story, too. Please enter your Name (and blog in Parenthesis), then copy/paste your post link in the URL field.Whether you’re an urbanite, culture seeker, or art enthusiast, a CAM Young Friends membership is your access to world-class contemporary art and exclusive programming that’s accessible, sociable, and relevant to you. Young Cam Jansen # 1 -- This is one of David's favorite mysteries because the clue is never (almost never? , Scotty, Le$, e Mex, A Ant, Young Shaka, Robb Bank$, Joey Fatts, 100s, Sir Mic - 06 Hollywood LA [Prod. French Montana, Young Breed, Rick Ross - Not Neva ft. French Montana, Young Breed, Rick Ross - RB Bitches ft.It has over 7 million registered users that get behind their webcams and expose themselves on the internet.


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